The new boutique of Italian clothes from Isabel Garcia in Ocean Plaza

5/30/2016 — 2/12/2018
The new boutique in Ocean Plaza is Italian clothes from Isabel Garcia.

 Isabel Garcia is an opportunity to feel the most beautiful, regardless of its motive: it can be a business meeting, cocktail party or social event. Isabel Garcia dresses are the real works of art, which sets the right tone, inspires confidence and gives the brightness to its owner.
Especially for Kyiv public, our designers have developed an exclusive capsule collection, which can help you to create a unique, elegant, refined and stylish image. You will be surprised with a combination of the best fabrics, perfect cut, designer’s skills and adequate prices.

There are original certified women's dresses, suits, skirts, blouses by Isabel Garcia in our boutique on the ground floor in Ocean Plaza. Today, Isabel Garcia is the dynamic brand, which unites more than 35 stores in Europe and the CIS countries, with several showrooms in Italy, France and America.

And now, this collecton will be evaluated by the women of Ukrainian capital.