November 1 Calvin Klein Underwear open in Ocean Plaza

9/28/2016 — 2/12/2018

Designer lingerie brand Calvin Klein Underwear has been satisfying its customers for more than 30 years with tempting and comfortable linens. Thanks to consistently high quality of fabrics, tailoring, recognizable appearance with a distinctive logo, this underwear has become a cult around the world.
Since November 1, Calvin Klein products will become more accessible for Ukrainians because first Ukraine's full-fledged concept store of the fashion brand will open in Ocean Plaza. The 40 sq. m store will be designed in a classical style of the brand. 

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Here, the traditional range of Calvin Klein Underwear will be presented: the male and female underwear of various models and designs, briefs, shoes, bags, hats for the beach, as well as clothes for sleeping, home and leisure, such as shirts, pants, shorts, pajamas, nightdresses and bathrobes.
The popular brand was founded by the legendary American designer Calvin Klein in 1982. Today, more than 100 monobrand stores in the USA, Canada, France, Italy, UAE, Singapore, Japan and other countries, represent Calvin Klein Underwear.