Main summer trends at Ocean Plaza 

6/29/2016 — 2/12/2018
Well-known blogger and VOGUE.UA editor Violeta Fedorova paid a visit to Ocean Plaza and shared in her blog the ways of introducing fashion trends to everyday life.


I often hear complaints from the metropolitan fashionistas who lament that there’s absolutely nothing to buy in Kyiv and all the fashion trends covered by gloss magazines are difficult to implement. So, I decided to check the credibility of those statements and directed myself to the Ocean Plaza shopping mall.

My choice was based entirely on down-to-earth parameters – it’s one of the biggest shopping platforms in Kyiv, there’s a myriad of brands within very different pricing ranges and I often replenish my own wardrobe here as well. For experimental purposes I’ve chosen the four major trends of this summer – sport-chic, romantic, country and eternal casual.


This summer everyone’s attention will be drawn to the Olympics and all of us will be rooting wholeheartedly for the Ukrainian national team in Brazil. Expectedly, it did have an effect on the seasonal collections which contain both retro tracksuits, boxer shorts, all sorts of gumshoes and a myriad of sleeveless shirts for anyone’s taste. I’m a big tennis fan, thus I envision my summer in a dress similar to the sports dresses of tennis players – white, short, not hindering movement, and containing mesh elements. Naturally, I’ve found it in LACOSTE – the most tennis brand of all the fashion brands and the most fashionable of all the tennis ones. 

5. Lacoste 3.jpg  7. Lacoste 5.jpg

Ocean Plaza, by the way, is host to the flagship boutique of the brand in Ukraine. It’s really massive: they carry both female, male and children’s clothing lines, as well as a huge stand with the infamous polo shirts. There are over 40 shades of them – it’s an embarrassment of riches. The shop’s sales staff says that the polos are often bought as presents and I told them that this summer the polo shirt appeared on the fashion walkways and it’s often worn together with translucent lace skirts. 

6. Lacoste 4.jpg  9. Lacoste 7.jpg


For me, the hottest implementation of romantics at the moment is the esthetics of the Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele – in his hands it’s eclectic, sporting a touch of retro yet hopelessly beautiful. Quite by chance, I’ve checked out the affordable OASIS brand shop. Their new collection is devoted to flowers in all their diversity, and I’ve been able to find myself a splendid pinafore dress with thin straps sporting a pleated midi-length skirt. I’m already seeing myself wearing it on a beach during the hot summer days, yet for now, in the city, I’ll be wearing it with a simple white T-shirt and sneakers or comfortable shoes. 

10. Oasis.jpeg

Indeed, OASIS this season can easily be compared to a flowery garden – skirts, blouses, dresses and pinafores carrying that romantic print are all over the shop, yet there’s a decent section with denim wear which will help balancing that flora riot. 

12. Oasis.jpg  14. Oasis.jpeg


Country is an eternal annual story. I’ve already shown my own version of that style in my blog which I’ve shot in picturesque Carpathian mountains. Back then, rough Timberland boots became one of the key elements, yet I won’t wear those in the city during the summer; thus my task for now was to create an image à la urban country. The Reserved store, which I usually don’t visit during my trips to Ocean Plaza, came to my rescue this time around. In the shop window I noticed salad-green shaded culotte pants and decided I want to wear those with something suede. Hence, I’ve picked up a brown top made of artificial suede in the same store, as well as wooden-sole clogs and a light denim dress. 

15. Reserved.jpeg  16. Reserved.jpg

By the way, finding everything I required was pretty quick despite my panicky fear of large stores. In spite of its size, Reserved has convenient zoning – clothes are set up in separate boxes running the same style and this really makes life easier and saves time. 

17. Reserved.jpg  18. Reserved.jpg


Recently, in an interview for a certain women’s portal, I replied that jeans are one of the key items in my wardrobe. I can wear a single pair for a very long time, until they completely fall apart, yet it’s important to me to regularly pick up different sleeveless shirts, blouses and T-shirts, depending on the occasion. Thus, I’ve found a perfect sleeveless shirt for the weekend at the newly launched Converse shop. Frankly, I went there specifically for gumshoes. It’s the first and for the next couple of years the only official store of the brand in Ukraine and I was expecting to see the whole diversity of the aforementioned gumshoes in there. 

2.Магазин CONVERSE.jpg  21. Converse.jpg

And yes, I found it. The stands of the rather small shop sported not just the classics but also the limited lines – for example, the fruits of collaboration with Missoni. The legendary zig-zag print which became one of the fashion symbols of the Seventies matched perfectly all the favorite gumshoes. Converse has female and male lines on display, a compact stand with accessories and even children’s mini-gumshoes which I already look forward to gift to my godson. 

20. Converse.jpg  22. Converse.jpg