FREYWILLE jewelry boutique opens in Ocean Plaza 

10/25/2016 — 2/12/2018

Having got once a jewelry or accessory from this brand, most of jewelry lovers felt in love with them over and over again. Now it would be even easier to get what you want! 

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On November 18, a unique boutique of FREYWILLE jewelry brand opens in Ocean Plaza. Simone Hryunberher-Willie, Co-owner and Art-director of known worldwide brand, was engaged in preparation for the opening of a new store. The interior of the location was specifically designed for Ocean Plaza, but it will be very similar to the design of FREYWILLE boutiques at home of the brand in Vienna. 

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The company was founded in Vienna by Michael Frye 65 years ago, but modern features iconic jewelry brand acquired only with the arrival of the young artist Simone Hryunberher in 1980. FREYWILLE first boutique in Ukraine was opened nine years ago in Kyiv.Parfume_Event[51].jpg

FREYWILLE offers not only women's jewelry, but men accessories as well, and some original addition to jewelry – perfume line, created in cooperation with leading perfumers, silk scarves, cashmere and silk stoles. All this stuff, of course, is very popular among customers, but 80% of sales are nevertheless the jewelry items in gilt frames or 18-carat gold frames.