Autograph session with Artem Pivovarov

5/26/2021 — 6/06/2021
Autograph session with Artem Pivovarov

It's rendez-rendez-rendevous with Artem Pivovarov! You are invited!

Meet the top artist, sound producer and musician with a non-trivial point of view on modern music industry at Ocean Plaza shopping mall!

If you have danced with his "Дежавю" hit, you absolutely know that this music does not leave indifferent nobody on any dance floor.

So we are glad to invite you on June, 6 at 15:00 to the Ocean Plaza shopping mall on autograph session from Artem, during which you will be able to ask questions and take photos with your favorite artist. In addition, on the event, you will have the opportunity to win a cool merch, and to win tickets on Artem Pivovarov's concert which will take place on July 30 in Kiev.

We are waiting for all of connoisseurs of cool music!

Join us on June, 6 at 15:00 on the stage on the 2nd floor of Ocean Plaza ;)