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Xiaomi Tech is a fast growing company which became a worldwide famous manufacturer of portable electronic and devices, branded as “Mi”. The company has scientific and production facilities at industrial cluster Shenzhen, Guangdong province (China).
Today Xiaomi takes the 3rd place as a smartphone manufacturer in terms of production in the World. In 2014 the company sold 60 million of smartphones, in first half of 2015 – 35 million of smartphones.
Every week 100 000 000 users of Xiaomi’s OS MIUI download firmware and applications. The number of MIUI fans rises constantly.

Xiaomi Ukraine
During two years Xiaomi Ukraine Company supplies original devices of Xiaomi, as an official importer of the company.
Xiaomi Ukraine affords continued official assurance for 24 month to clients for every product.
The product range includes smartphones, tablets, accessories, memory cards and portable audio devices, TVs, «Smart Home» devices, portable transport, fitness trackers and more.