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Famous brand US Polo Assn has been around for over 100 years. The story of its creation is directly related to the popularization in Europe and America polo game, which was founded in 1969 in England and became a game for the wealthy, strong and self-sufficient who value convenience, comfort and high quality.
In those times many as were representatives of the bourgeois elite and the aristocrats who had special requirements for the things that they use in everyday life. Thats why it is not surprising that on the market of sportswear a new, unfilled group was appeared. It was then, back in 1890 and was founded by US trademark of expensive clothes polo.

One of the most famous outfits for this game are so-called T-shirt "Polo", which is a model of T-shirts with a collar and three buttons in front. Company US Polo Assn was specialized in manufacturing of this type of t-shirts and other types of clothing polo.

Buyers of brand US Polo Assn are differed by active lifestyle, strong stance, a sense of elegance and style. Clothing of brand is equally appropriate in the office on an important meeting, and in an informal atmosphere everyday.