TOPSHOP appeared in the 60s of the last century and became one of the fist shops of inexpensive clothes for London fashionable dressers. Nowadays there are 309 shops, and the flagship of the brand at London’s Oxford Circus is the biggest fashionable clothes shop in the world! 

Clothes in TOPSHOP follow the latest top fashion trends and balance on top successfully, pleasing the customers who are not keen on rather bold and fashionable things. Nevertheless, it’s a mass consumption shop, that’s why the prices are affordable.

TOPSHOP is a real firework of fashionable ideas!

In big TOPSHOP shops there is a department which sells vintage clothes. It’s a sort of a fashion laboratory showing the most ultimate and ahead-of-the-curve tendencies.

There are collections of a higher level - Boutique, with designers’ creations, and Unique, which takes part in London Fashion Week; the prices can be compared to those of some Parisian designers.

TOPSHOP feels good not only in the market of clothes, but in the world of fashion as well- the company organizes fashion shows and parties. PR-strategy is oriented towards the leaders of fashion industry and large-scale magazines. The company is so popular that it hardly ever advertises its products. It only does so in expensive magazines like Vogue.