Steak & Grill
2 floor

What can satisfy better than juicy and appetizing steak cooked on the grill? Fresh Ukrainian meat, big portions, healthy food.
We cook meat exclusively on fire in «Josper». You can choose any degree of roasting meat. We have pork, beef, chicken and fresh fish to grill.
Connoisseurs can enjoy the famous steaks: «T-bone steak» - meat on a T-shaped bone with an amazing combination of two flavors - tender filet and more severe, at the bone. «Rib Eye steak» - the most juicy, marble beef steak. «New York steak» - meat of delicate fibers with a bright flavor. Fans of chilly choose «Pepper Steak».
For meat gourmets we have gentle beef rolls with cherry and stunning medallions with mushroom sauce. If you want to cool off in the heat for you is always ready cold kvass soup on mineral water or yogurt, delicious salads and other dishes.
Be strong - eat meat!