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SPORTMASTER is sports shop for the whole family! You can find here everything from simple sporting goods to the technological equipment of last generation. For many years, we do our best to ensure that people can really enjoy an active lifestyle. Our goal is to provide our customers with equipment and facilities of high quality at affordable prices. We are working directly with the biggest global brands and many of them are the only representatives on the Ukrainian market. For certain sport is a serious climb to the peak, for some an easy ride on the bike. Both are an active lifestyle, and we consider it in our assortment policy. We support children’s sport hobbies, school programs, traditional sports and those developing countries. Each of our customer is an athlete, every purchase is a step towards a healthy nation. We carry to each sport nationwide! At the same time we pay great attention to all levels of technological products offered, whether children’s sports shoes or form for professional trekking. We know that modern technology can significantly improve the effectiveness and safety of sports, get the most out from the movement. High quality goods at reasonable prices that is how you can describe our approach in building commercial policy, which we are implementing for years. We carefully select suppliers throwing out those who unnecessarily expensive and supporting those who share our views. Consultants will find optimal solutions to each customer based on their needs and level of athletic training. Client’s interests have always been in the first place. For regular customers we have a system of privilege — Club program SPORTMASTER. You can receive bonuses for every purchase and pay for them later. In addition, program participants regularly get special offers and discounts on services. Save on healthy lifestyle is no longer necessary: indeed now sport accessible to everyone!