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World brand: Süvari provides fashion with right to live Suvari — stylish menswear. Suvari- famous brand of men’s wear classic style and the style of casual. Brand Suvari was founded in 1967 in Istanbul and was known for the production of men’s shirts, and later the company released collection of men’s casual wear. It represents the most popular brand in Turkey and is in great demand in just a year of its existence on the market of Ukraine. In the collection of clothes there are classic suits, jackets, shirts of different styles, pants, shirts, polo shirts, fleece pullovers, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, shoes and accessories. World brand: Suvari Suvari- is a Sun Star of Turkey and other countries, including Ukraine, which represents the Turkish textile quality and vision of fashion. What is special in Suvari? The answer is — it is created for life! Fashion of Suvari is not only for the podium and windows. First of all, it’s for life. Company Suvari monthly offers affordable prices. Süvari provides fashion with right to live.