New Yorker
1 floor
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New Yorker (New Yorker) - German network of shops youth and sports clothing, footwear and accessories. New Yorker stores sell only their own brands under the names: Fishbone, Amisu, Censored and Smog. 
History of the New Yorker stores network originated in 1971 when its first store selling jeans New Yorker in Flensburg (Germany)was opened. That time company only sold youth denim clothing, which had an attractive design and price. In December 2009, New Yorker opens its 750 th store in September 2010 in the New Yorker is 800 th! 
Now New Yorker is widely known in the world. Basically twe still sold affordable clothing. The company offers high-quality clothing for young people who follow the fashion and want to dress in bright casual style. In addition to men's and women's clothing in New Yorker you can find men's and women's footwear, accessories and lingerie.New Yorker