Marks & Spencer is a British brand of clothes, footwear, accessories, lingerie and cosmetic products. The 150-year brand history is a thing of success, leadership in the industry and world recognition. Millions of Marks & Spencer fans from all around the world are united by love to classic style, interest to fashionable tendencies, choice of British quality traditions and openness to innovations. In each collection Marks & Spencer remains committed to its values: classic design, quality standards, eco-friendly materials, secrets of sewing mastery passed from generation to generation, excellent service and democratic price policy. Whether you are choosing practical every-day look or outfit for special evening occasion, you are doing some shopping for yourself or for the whole family – the visit to Marks & Spencer store always brings pleasure and satisfies your needs. Being sincerely committed and respectful to customers, British brand Marks & Spencer has created one of the hugest retail chain since the date of its foundation in 1884 – 9 stores in Ukraine and more than 1000 in 45 countries!