Marina Rinaldi
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All women are beautiful, regardless of age and size, and they are all worthy to dress in the most stylish and quality clothes. The brand was founded in 1980 and is part of the holding company Max Mara Fashion Group (Italy). The main target audience of the brand chose women who do not quite fit the standard sizes, namely - have a size from 48.

  These are clothes for women, previously undeservedly circumvented by attention of the couturier - a woman of "non-standard" sizes, who are not indifferent to the trends of modern fashion. Size is not the main thing, the main thing is a sense of freedom.

Marina Rinaldi is always the latest fashion trends. The most daring colors. The most chic fabrics and the most innovative developments. And comfort. Because the main thing is this mood, and we look as good as we feel ourselves. Each woman has her own inner world, her own character and temperament, which determines the style of clothes. Marina Rinaldi does not limit her fans in choosing, presenting clothes and accessories of various lines:

Marina Giorno -  a formal urban dress that fits perfectly for every day;

Marina Sport - presents comfortable clothes for sports, recreation and free time;

Marina Elegante -  clothes for parties, ceremonies and other important events, where a woman should be a real queen;

Marina Rinaldi Voyage - offers fashionable clothes for resort rest and travel;

Marina Rinaldi Town - presents the main wardrobe items for each season;

Accessories - a line of accessories that complements the main collection: shoes, bags, scarves and jewelery.