Juliya House
1 floor
+380 044 528-98-78

Clothing of store Juliya House - is clothing for stylish and self-confident people who want to look amazing in any season of the year: as at warm spring day and at a cold January evening. In our collections of high-quality clothing, you will find youth leather jackets, stylish and elegant coat, warm and colorful winter jackets, luxurious fur vests and other outerwear brand, which has excellent value for money. For over 10 years, we constantly monitor the global trends of fashion and listen to your wishes, and this help us to gaine the trust of many people riznyhpokolinof different ages, who know that their appearance - a "calling card" that can open any "doors". For the preparation and production of each new collection, we approach with the soul, to amuse customers with fashionable and very good range of clothing that will help you express your individuality and emphasize the natural beauty and uniqueness. We care about you. Thank you for your trust.