il Molino
2 floor
(067) 332 98 78
10:00 - 22:00

The il Molino pizzeria family – Benvenuti!

il Molino is Italian for “watermill”

All restaurants il Molino have unique quality standards. We bake pizza in wood stoves from Stefano Ferraro on traditional Italian recipes. 

Every il Molino’s pizza base is made from a special type of dough, most fit for finest pizza baking – Sole di Napoli Rosso– world’s best pizza flour supplied by the Italian manufacturer. The flour, made from the inner part of the grain, is low gluten and completely bran-free. The sauce for the pizza base is made from skin-free, milled Pomodori Perini – a famous variety of tomatoes, imported directly from Italy. il Molino’s menu encompasses more than 30 varieties of pizza, from the classic Margherita to the highly popular Mascherare, as well as Italian and Mediterranean dishes, including pasta, salads and bruschetta.