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FREYWILLE creates artistic precious fire enamel jewellery and luxury accessories. A limited production in a manufactory at the original address in the center of Vienna, where the company was founded in 1951, guarantees the highest quality standards in design and fabrication. FREYWILLE always puts the creative work center stage: The original FREYWILLE style – a brand new style of enamel ornamentation and high quality fire enameling techniques – was created in the 1980‘s by a team of young designers, goldsmiths and experts of fine enameling. Every single collection is based on ideas of European and humanistic philosophy, fundamentally immaterial and emotional.

Artistic design is the focus of every piece of FREYWILLE jewellery. Each new collection is preceeded by continuous inspiration and original research in art history. Whether independently drawn collections or homage collections of world-renowned artists – each detail is the result of passionate design and careful research. The genesis of a new collection takes up to two years from the initial concepts and drafts to the launching.
FREYWILLE operates worldwide with more than 90 boutiques, which are solely located in fashion cities. Whether on Madison Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Paris, Piazza San Marco, Vienna, Paris or Milan, FREYWILLE boutiques are always beautifully presented in an atmosphere of art, culture and fine jewellery.