Клуб City Beach Club

Opening soon

Now you can open beach season right in town! On the roof of the most popular shopping center in Kyiv Ocean Plaza a real beach with two huge swimming pools is located. Here in the CITY BEACH CLUB you can find comfortable beds and chaise lounges and a restaurant with the author menu.

There is no need to go out of town or even out of the country to get a good tan and a great vacation! You just come in Ocean Plaza, climb to the roof and get into a world where you can always swim and sunbathe and where great attitude prevails in the air. This is where the true hidden paradise of the bustling city!

At night the entire territory of CITY BEACH CLUB turns into the best open air night club in town! Special cocktails fr om the coolest bartenders, DJs and stars, the perfect summer entourage: thanks to all that our guests are immersed in a light atmosphere of the perfect holiday.

We want constant among work and bustle of the city you had a place wh ere you can come to relax and feel in the best vacation of your life.

Venue: st. Antonovicha, 176, roof.

Area: 3000 sq. m. Hours: 09:00 — unless you want to sleep