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Citrus company is the first Ukrainian specialized stores chain of gadgets and accessories.

In Citrus in Ocean Plaza mall, all the gadgets, controlled from a smartphone, are divided into 5 ecosystems, covering all aspects of life:

 1. “Entertainment”. Today CDs as a way of watching movies or listening to music are used very rarely. Music and movies are stored directly in the smartphone or on specialized services such as the Apple Music or Megogo, which provides access to them anytime, anywhere: while jogging, in the car, on the subway, in the office, the kitchen and even the bathroom. In the new Citrus, more than 200 models of acoustic systems and headphones, which you can use for comfortably listening to music wirelessly, are presented. Today, you can start watching a movie on the large 5.5-inch smartphone, and continue with a huge 89-inch TV, presented in a new Citrus demonstration zone.

 2. “Creativity”. Modern gadgets provide endless opportunities for creativity. You can shoot a fascinating video about your family on the action-camera, adding video from the radio-controlled quadrocopter and quickly mount it directly on your phone. Therefore, just in a moment, you will be collecting Likes in social networks. Great photo/video area in the new Citrus will help you to choose a photo or video gadget on any budget, providing it with different accessories. In case you do not like a dynamic vacation, discover your talents of sculptor and engineer, printing three-dimensional model on the 3D printer right at home. Although 3D printing technology at home has been only developing, a new Citrus offers to test and purchase both, the simplest gadget as 3D pen, and a fully-fledged 3D printer.

 3. “Sports and health”. Already today, it is possible to control the functioning of vital health indicators using a smartphone and special gadgets. In addition to the already familiar to Ukrainians 50 models of fitness trackers and smart scales, in the new Citrus, exotic gadgets are presented: thermometers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters and even vitamin meters determining the level of vitamins and minerals in the human body. In addition, most importantly, all obtained with these gadgets data is stored in a user smartphone, transforming it into a unique medical history with a complete chronology of changes occurring in the body. Pets also received their portion of attention: even trackers for dogs are presented the new Citrus.

 4. “Smart home”. In Citrus, several dozen gadgets that can transform an ordinary apartment into the “smart home” are presented. The user can control the lighting, ventilation, watch the video from home security cameras, and even make a cocktail or cake with his smartphone.

 5. “Electric transport”. Well, the most important feature is the biggest in Ukraine exhibition of two-wheeled electric vehicles. In addition to the traditional for Citrus chain, self-balancing scooters, hoverboards and monowheels, the new Citrus presents various electric scooters, mini-bikes and even electric bikes. Current range of 20 models of electric transport will turn into 50 models in the spring.

 Of course, such a range of gadgets and desire to test all of them may make to feel dizzy, so on the second floor there is a small Illy cafe, where visitors can get personal advice from Citrus experts or simply relax with a cup of coffee while charging the smartphone.