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Collections Cinque inherent in such materials that have striking features of the Italian character - the passion and cold that are not as apparent opposites, but rather the contrary. Despite the love of clear lines Cinque can not be accused of excessive use of certain elements of the decor or excessive rigor. Whether it's men's or women's clothing, jewelery or accessories, cold aesthetics always plays an important role in creating a style. Cinque was established in the Italian town of Cinque Terre twenty years ago. It was a time when the whole world turned to Italy for inspiration - and just then was created the brand. Since September 2002, the management of company Cinque Moda GmbH passed into the hands of Karl Schleicher Junior. Schleicher family now id fully in the management of the company and strives to continue well-established tradition. Cinque style, eager to awakening, is the image of Italy itself. Ultimately, what the Cinque if not the personification of Italian style? The inner passion and emotion are always with elegant intellectual appearance. Ease, but at the same time, trendy and stylish, new items give reason to Cinque to be a bright representative of the Italian fashion ideals. The image that brings to life the company Cinque is the italian world and it is the essence of Italian style. Combinations passion and sensuality with unique elegance and the latest trends give unexpected results.