Столична Ювелірна Фабрика

Brand store of Stolichnaya Uvelirnaya Fabrika - is the best place, where you can find the most beautiful jewellery. Professional sales adviser will help you to choose products and will answer for all your questions. The main accent is on a variety of models (their range is more than 500 thousand) and high quality of jewellery. Comfortable atmosphere and real prices from the manufacturer- a good reason to come to the brand store of Stolichnaya Uvelirnaya Fabrika.

For buyers works a profitable exchange of old jewellery for new and a special discount program.There are regularly promotion and discounts. For example, only here every 3 months there are Days of Silver on the weekend- all silver with discount-50%. For all our jewelry is valid unlimited guarantee.

Stolichnaya Uvelirnaya Fabrika is one of the market leaders and largest manufacturer of jewelry in Ukraine. Manufacturing was founded in the city of Kiev, about 18 years ago.Retail chain has more than 50 retail outlets in all regions of the country. See you in Brand stores of Stolichnaya Uvelirnaya Fabrika!

Stolichnaya Uvelirnaya Fabrika is the brand that is trusted!