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After all, the Ocean Plaza shopping mall has the largest in Eastern Europe public aquarium. With the latest technology, this project opens the curtain of the mysterious atmosphere that prevails under the water.

Through the sight glass (which, incidentally visible in the three floors of the complex) visitors of the center will be able to meet with sharks, stingrays, moray eels, starfish and other inhabitants of the underwater world in conditions close to natural. Specially designed in the form of «ring» aquarium volume of 300 cubic meters provides its residents the comfort of movement. Moreover, due to the high-tech system of water circulation, it created an artificial flow. For example, it allows sharks to breathe freely , even if they are stationary, and the optimal living conditions for the inhabitants of the aquarium provides the most advanced life support system and support microclimate.

Without a doubt, the public aquarium will amaze visitors of SEC Ocean Plaza. At arm’s length you will see the toothy predators, swarms of tropical fish and corals. It is not surprising that the aquarium like a magnet, attracts the eye. Indeed, you will find a magic world of bright colors and diversity of underwater life.