Antonio Biaggi
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ANTONIO BIAGGI is a recognized favorite in the world of footwear fashion industry. This season, the collection of Antonio Biaggi riddled with spring sun, sea breezes, energy and green colors. T he mood of the collection «Spring-Summer` 14» plunges into the cruise romance and summer dreams. Each year, the Italian design bureau, considering the world fashion trend, presents two seasonal collections, each of which is filled with a variety of stylistic directions. Classic shoes and boots with high heels or without, trendy models of anckle boots on the platform or thin-soled, comfortable sandals and moccasins . all that is elegant and boring, fashionable and affordable . must be in the arsenal of every fashionista. Handbags, clutches, belts, scarves, gloves . fashion without accessories would be impossible ... Made by the canons of fashion syndicates, they are able to emphasize the individuality of the image, without overloading it with unnecessary details. High style note — the card shoes and accessories Antonio Biaggi. The production company’s strategy is based on providing quality control and affordability of products. Today ANTONIO BIAGGI products are made in Italy, Portugal, China and Brazil.