Fall-Winter collection in RENE LEZARD

27 Вересня 2016 — 12 Лютого 2018

Paris meets Tokyo. Tradition and innovation.
The combination of two very different big cities is a source of ideas for René Lezard collection autumn-winter 2016. Paris represents the "root" of the brand, the company's tradition and at the same time fashionable French style: elegant, feminine, self-assured. Tokyo symbolizes the new, modern, unfamiliar. Thereby creating contrasts that are surprisingly perfectly in tune with each other. Golden Autumn offers high-quality materials such as silk, wool blend with cotton, knitted wool and cashmere with a variety of structures. Structural surface softened refined details. Also takes fashion elements of 60s. Flared skirts, single cut turn-down collars, form-fitting and loose silhouettes, reminiscent of a kimono, create an image collection. These combinations correspond to the spirit of the times and create in combination with the high-quality processing and new materials harmonious style.

Palais de Tokyo, museum of Modern Art in Paris, with a colorful entrance to the variety of colors of red, is a source of inspiration the theme of the first collection. Nuances powder with a bright salmon color, a deep red Geisha in combination with a dark anthracite and gray and beige. Large, like accidentally painted, but it is suitable for general appearance, the Japanese art of poppy connect with the French Savoir Vivre. Silhouettes are soft and feminine: peplum dresses, emphasizing the figure, straps at the waist. Volume jerseys connecting different colors and soft merino perfectly complement feminine silhouettes.

20151024_RENE_LEZARD_NO_02_005FINAL.jpg 20151024_RENE_LEZARD_NO_03_023FINAL.jpg
The inspiration for the theme of the June served as a picture of the artist Fabienne Verdier. Her art is timeless true, contains Asian elements. Black and gray-beige colors are particularly important for the second theme. Dark blue, pink and sand complement the colors and create a harmonious contrast. Prints by broad brush and delicate floral prints. Trendy patterns, jacquards in business style are complemented by delicate lace. 

20151024_RENE_LEZARD_NO_04_055FINAL.jpg 20151024_RENE_LEZARD_NO_05_066FINAL.jpg 

Collection make up trousers "Marlene" and denim culottes. Especially high-quality lightweight jersey from Italian cashmere, silk, jersey, reminiscent of fur and mohair stretch.