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Ukraine's first Calvin Klein Underwear monobrand store opens in Ocean Plaza

8/17/2016 — 2/12/2018

In November, Ukraine's first Calvin Klein Underwear monobrand store opens in Ocean Plaza. Its total area will be 40 sq. m, and it will be designed in the classical style of the brand.

Founded by the legendary American designer Calvin Klein in 1982, the brand with the first show won the love of the public. Thanks to the typical appearance of linen with a logo on a wide elastic band and provocative, sometimes even scandalous, advertising, Calvin Klein Underwear products became one of the most talked about and well known. A high-quality linen, cut, tissue composition, design, and logo, which has become already a cult, makes this lingerie fetish. Today, Calvin Klein Underwear is represented in more than 100 monobrand stores around the world: USA, Canada, France, Italy, UAE, Singapore, Japan, and other countries.

BNS TRADE is the company that opens Calvin Klein Underwear store at Ocean Plaza shopping mall. It already has implemented here successful projects (Calvin Klein Jeans, Michael Kors, TOPSHOP, TOPMAN), since shopping center was opened. In the new company's store, the traditional range of Calvin Klein Underwear will be presented: the male and female underwear of various models and designs, briefs, shoes, bags, hats for the beach, as well as clothes for sleeping, home and leisure, such as shirts, pants, shorts, pajamas, nightdresses and bathrobes. 


“Since the opening, Ocean Plaza became the fashion-center of Kyiv, which concentrated in itself the most well-known brands represented in Ukraine. Thus, Ocean Plaza focuses our target audience, which is one of the success factors of our stores”, Vita Voynilovich, Director at BNS TRADE, commented the future opening.


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