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Store TWINSET will be opened in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall

4/20/2017 — 2/12/2018

The boutique of the famous Italian brand TWINSET Simona Barbieri will open its doors on the first floor of the most popular metropolitan shopping mall Ocean Plaza. The new store has an area of 120 sq.m. and will taste to all  representatives of the beautiful sex, who prefer the romantic and feminine style in clothes.
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According to the representative of the TWINSET store, Ocean Plaza is one of the largest shopping malls in Ukraine, the concept of which corresponds to the requirements of the brand. Today it is the most visited shopping mall in Kiev, where you can combine productive, quality shopping with leisure. Therefore, it was decided to open a spacious store in this mall. Like all stores of this brand, the design will be made in light, warm colors with its own brand chandeliers and a seating area for customers."

For the first time, the TWINSET brand Simona Barbieri appeared on the Italian market in 1987 due to the creative talent of Simona Barbieri and the entrepreneurial abilities of Tiziano Sgarbi. Their teamwork quickly turned TWINSET into one of the world's most famous clothing brands. Simone Barbieri creates elegant collections based on her own vision of fashion. These are not separate clothing items. In TWINSET you can get dressed from head to toe - the brand also offers shoes, coats and accessories. Delicate knitwear, elegant shoes, beautiful handbags make  possible to create a new look every time.

Fans of TWINSET live in 15 countries of the world, and their number is growing steadily, attracting in its ranks more admirers of classical Italian sensuality. The new store will be the third in Ukraine, however, according to the representative of the brand, TWINSET Simona Barbieri boutiques will be opened soon in Odessa and Kharkov.


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