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The very first Trollbeads store in Ukraine will open its doors in the Ocean Plaza Mall

5/05/2018 — 5/19/2018

For many years already, the Ocean Plaza Mall has been a perfect platform for market entry of the new brands. At the start of the summer, a surprise awaits for the Ocean Plaza customers, a boutique of the world-known brand Trollbeads will open on the first floor of the mall. The director of the LLC “Talisman Ltd”, Marina Vorotynceva tells about key features of the new store and plans for development in Ukraine.

2018_TB_Summer_Necklace_01.jpg  2018_TB_Summer_bracelets_Blue_S_03.jpg

What is the origin of the Trollbeads brand and why was made a decision to present it to the Ukrainian customers?

            The brand takes its origin in 1976, when the silversmith Soren Nielsen founded a small company the “Troldekugler” in Kopenhagen. It was Soren Nielsen and his family members who designed and created the very first beads and the one that was the beginning of enormous collection was a product with an image of a troll.

            “Every story has its bead”, the slogan of the company and these words have laid the brand’s basic concept, when every bead of the Trollbeads in fact has its story and meaning. That is why customers become collectors and faithful “fans” of the product, and we want to present this indeed unique brand to the Ukrainian customers. Importantly, the Trollbeads is a founder of “bracelets with beads” concept and as for today, brand represented in 50 states around the world and has more than 4000 stores.

            What are the key features of the store in the Ocean Plaza Mall?

The present Trollbeads store will always be the most special considering that it is the very first in Ukraine. Furthermore, indicative is the fact that the new summer collection of the brand will include Blue Ocean bead. It is a fascinating exhibit: a big glass bead with limited edition, developed by the Japanese designer Nozomi Kaji, illustrating an ocean and forcing you to dream about the sunny days. Thus, we can say that the Trollbeads had chosen the Ocean Plaza Mall for market entry was not by accident.

Talking about brand’s stores, all of them united by an exquisite and recognizable design. Every meter of the Trollbeads store created by Danish designers and allows to every customer to find themselves in the Denmark, for a moment. A unique design, thousands of absolutely, exclusive jewels made of gold, silver and precious stones will grant new emotions, thoughts and feelings.


What range of products will have presented in the store?

The main range, of course, are beads and bracelets, but there are also rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces of the best quality. Collections update 9 times per year: there is one basic collection, 4 seasonal collections and 4 limited. Every element of jewelry is original since over 50 designers have contributed into creation of the Trollbeads. All beads made manually from silver 925, gold 750, Murano glass, copper, semi-precious and precious stones.

During manufacture of gold and silver jewelry used a high-quality casting method. Main production capacities located in Denmark, Germany and other states of the EU, which provides the highest control after every step of production of any jewel. Moreover, all products certified throughout all EU norms and standards.

         Who is the target audience?

Our target audience is actually limitless, since brand has enormous range of products that is constantly expanding. Our clients are modern women from 16 to 60 years old who strive to emphasize their personality, character and mindset because there are no two identical bracelets. Customers may associate every bead with certain moments in their lives, hence, saving the memories and emotions on their bracelets. For someone, beads become a real talisman and makes their wishes come true.

The company has a jewelry collection named “TROLLBEADS MEN”, this collection created for strong and confident men who know what they want from life.

Products of what price segment, will have presented in the store?

The Trollbeads products, despite their exclusivity and uniqueness, due to wide price range are available for student as well as for business woman. Moreover, there is an opportunity to buy jewelry gradually, slowly forming your collection. Initially it may be a purchase of a bracelet and then a purchase of beads, pendants, lock change etc. This type of collecting, of course, not only turns a purchase of a jewelry into an intriguing process, but also is financially sustainable.    


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