The official Trussardi boutique will open in the shopping center Ocean Plaza

The official Trussardi boutique will open in the shopping center Ocean Plaza

At the end of October, favorite among citizens and guests of the capital, Ocean Plaza mall, will please its visitors with the opening of Italian fashion and style boutique, Trussardi. The new store will open on the first floor of the shopping center and for the first time in Ukraine it will appear in a new concept. Trussardi will present collections of men's and women's clothing, as well as a unique range of accessories from brand known throughout Europe, to all visitors of the Ocean Plaza.

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Trussardi products are known for a unique combination of classics and relevance in their products. Trussardi trademark was founded by Dante Trussardi in 1911 in the small Italian city of Bergamo, which is located 50 km from Milan. Since its foundation, the brand has received recognition and fame throughout Europe due to high-quality leather crafting.


Today, under this trademark produced designer goods that during manufacture differ in use of fabrics and modern technologies with an emphasis on details. Thus, the Trussardi brand has become a symbol of Italian style and fashion. The target audience of the new store will be people of medium and high incomes who want to look 100% to be in the spotlight always and everywhere.

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Today, Trussardi has 183 stores in Italy and abroad. This brand is a perfect example of how a love of art and a constant desire for excellence can make a world's famous Fashion House from a small family business.