The first mono brand store Ted Baker opened in the Ocean Plaza mall

9/26/2018 — 10/10/2018
The first mono brand store Ted Baker opened in the Ocean Plaza mall

On September 22, at the Ocean Plaza mall, the grand opening of the legendary English brand boutique, Ted Baker took place. A spacious store with an area of more than 155 m2 opened on the first floor of a popular mall. Ukraine first met Ted Baker in February 2018, opening its corner. Feeling huge potential and interest to the brand, Ted Baker decided to continue an active development in Ukraine opening its stores. The leasing agreement was signed with the assistance of UTG.

Ted Baker is an English brand of men's and women's clothing, as well as accessories, it was founded in 1988. The company's first store appeared in the city of Glasgow in March 1988. At the moment, the brand is represented in 35 countries of the world with global sales above 1.5 billion pounds. Ted Baker products can be found in stores from London to Los Angeles, from Melbourne to Madrid and from Singapore to San Francisco, as well as in the world's leading department stores, and now in Ukraine.

Each store of the brand has an absolutely unique design that reflects both local features of the area where it opens and the unique features of the brand itself. "The design creator team are special designers of Ted Baker, who have already opened more than 150 single-branded points around the world. Design of the new store in the Ocean Plaza mall, was inspired by the Ukrainian holiday of Ivan Kupala, traditions of which were combined by the brand’s experts with an idea of English summer solstice celebration. Therefore, the interior uses combinations of warm tones with natural materials, as well as forest motives such as ferns, 4 elements (air, earth, fire and water), sundials and thematic patterns," Charlotte Gould said.

In addition to the unique design, products of this TM are always distinguished by the richness of color solutions, colorful floral prints, as well as the abundance of metal inserts and decorative elements. The popularity and true love of customers to the brand provided an exceptionally high quality of production. Unusual design, attention to detail, consistently high quality fabrics, flavored with an English sense of humor. Ted Baker is a quintessential British style. Therefore, it is known as the most extraordinary brand in the British Isles and far beyond and without a doubt, the wide range of products presented in the new store will not leave any customer indifferent.