COLLECTION of sophisticated lingerie and homewear in Etam

8/20/2018 — 9/03/2018
COLLECTION of sophisticated lingerie and homewear in Etam

Etam pleases its customers with the replenishment of the collection autumn-winter 2018 and shares stylish trends of the beginning of the season with our customers.

COLLECTION of sophisticated lingerie and homewear

Traditional Japanese style. Fashionable models: kimono, body and kits of ribbed fabric. Models with a well studied finish: embroidery, racerback, ties, shiny details: rubber bands, lurex and lacy foil.

Black and white design with the addition of a skin-toned tint: incredibly luxurious and feminine style, a combination of floral prints and graphic dots. The effect of transparency, due to the interweaving of tulle and lace

Summer themes: a range of fresh sunny colors, floral prints. Fashion styles: crochet-tops, shorts with high waist, knitted shorts

The combination of folk themes (embroidery, fringe) and desert themes (Sahara, Maghreb). Source of inspiration: distant wanderings and the spirit of travel. Spicy warm shades, a combination of graphic prints and flower cashmere patterns

Primary colors: Emerald, skin-toned, crimson, black, ecru, black currant, dark green, gold, pale pink, green pines, mustard, curry, turmeric, dark blue, tangerine, brick, cherry

COLLECTION of homewear

Subjects: Wild West, bohemian and folk-style. Prints with inscriptions, feathers and graphic friezes. Design with images of dinosaurs, dragons and unicorns. Striped patterns, funny inscriptions, prints all over the surface, holographic prints and prints with scales. Terry cloth. Exotic and bright prints, catchy colors. Main colors: PETROL, PINK, LAGUNA, RED, BLACK, MINT, GREEN, GRAY, FUXY, LIGHT-PINK, YELLOW