Restaurant 'Кавказкий Очаг' (The Caucasian Hearth) will open in the Ocean Plaza Mall

6/11/2018 — 6/25/2018

Currently, the expansion of the HoReCa offer is one of the conditions of successful mall functionality. In August, the Ocean Plaza Mall will provide its visitors an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the fast-food restaurant 'The Caucasian Hearth'. A new spot of Caucasian cuisine, covering area of 86 m2, will open on the food court of the shopping center.

Currently, three fast-food restaurants 'The Caucasian Hearth' are already successfully operating in Kiev and restaurant in the Ocean Plaza Mall will be one of the best. The design of the new place will be made of Caucasian hand-painted panels. Furthermore, all visitors will be able to observe the cooking process of traditional Caucasian dishes on the open kitchen and charcoal grill. According to representatives of the restaurant, the target audience is very diverse. The menu will be for a wide range of visitors: adults and children, as well as vegetarians and not only. Considering the growing popularity of Eastern restaurants, the company plans to open at least five new Caucasian Hearth's in Kiev, by the end of this year.