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Popular in Europe, "Henry Café" will be opened in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall

3/17/2017 — 2/12/2018

Now it is possible to drink flavored coffee and treat yourself with a delicious sandwich or dessert, prepared according to the author's recipes of the international team of chefs and confectioners of "DO & CO ".For the first time in the capital, "Henry Café" will be located in the atrium of the most popular shopping and entertainment center of the capital - Ocean Plaza. On an area of 80 sq.m., visitors will be able to feel the atmosphere of the same named restaurants in Vienna, London or Bodrum, enjoying the taste of their favorite dishes.

Previously, "Henry's Café" successfully worked in "Borispol" airport. The choice of new location of the place has led to, according to the Head, high attendance of Kyiv shopping mall, as well as the presence of international brands. A new cafe in the shopping center will be favorably stand out with its interior style by using natural stone and wood with plenty of light and designed exclusive equipment, black color, made directly under the Henry brand in Austria. "But the main attractive feature of cafe will be open hot and cold windows, so visitors could see vending food and drinks. There are no analogues of such concept in Ukraine", - said Natalia Shemet.

"Henry's Café" in Kiev, as elsewhere in the world, offers the highest quality food using only fresh and natural ingredients. All recipes of dishes developed by the international team of chefs and confectioners of global international team DO & CO. The recipe is keeping in Vienna, London, Bodrum, and Kiev restaurants. Meals  prepare every day, expiry date of most products is 24 hours and are presenting in an innovative and convenient package.

After the launch of the restaurants in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall, company " DO & CO Kyiv" is planning to open more of their cafes in the capital. "As in our portfolio, except "Henry's Café", there are other brands, maybe other restaurants will be opened in the mix concept. For example, combine Henry and our Austrian confectionery brand "Demel" and add an "Italian touch", or maybe some Asian fleur, which is very relevant, – shared her plans Natalia Shemet, development director of "DO & CO Kyiv"-International experience of the "DO & CO" is large, all presented in the portfolio concepts and brands can be implemented in Ukraine. But the decision on the application of a concept will depend on the economic situation in the country and, of course, opinions and needs of our guests.


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