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Ocean Plaza invites to bright celebration of beginning of spring on March 8

2/15/2019 — 3/08/2019
Ocean Plaza invites to bright celebration of beginning of spring on March 8

Spring is a time of surprises! Therefore, Ocean Plaza prepared a lot of pleasant surprises on March 8.

In honor of the most beloved holiday of spring and femininity, Ocean Plaza will fulfill women's dreams and invites to spend bright and fun day!

All of beautiful women will have Boho holiday. Each of them will be able to create own unique WOW-image with L'Oreal's makeup and original Schwarzkopf's hairstyle in special beauty-zone. Creative workshop of decorating will help to complete the image by handmade Boho decorations.

Ocean Plaza prepared a lot of surprises for kids too. Beyblade Children's Selection Championship will determine the strongest and the most daring. The children will like special choreographic and vocal program from the leading kid's production centers of Paradiz, Talant Production and Super School.

Concert and entertainment programs, thematic photo walls, surprises and gifts are waiting for the visitors of the shopping center on March 8.The concert with the participation of popular Ukrainian performers will end the opening of spring season at Ocean Plaza.

Meet the spring brightly with Ocean Plaza!


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