Ocean Plaza Has Started a Gift Season

1/31/2020 — 2/14/2020
Ocean Plaza Has Started a Gift Season

Can't wait for the season to change?

Then rush at the Ocean Plaza shopping mall, as we announce the start of the Gift Season! Visit your favorite shopping mall in February to dive into the ocean of gifts, trendy shopping and incredible surprises!

For those whose heart is already taken, as well as for those who are still in search of their "half", Ocean Plaza has prepared a special program of events for the celebration of Valentine's Day! February 14, every mall guest will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of love, joy and creativity: hugs of fluffy holiday symbol Teddy Bear will warm hearts, charming animators will create an atmosphere of love, and mall partners will take care of the interesting and useful time spent in the interactive area! It will be possible to make a bunch of bright photos in the thematic photo booths. The final highlight of the celebration will be a concert program featuring the favorite stars and autograph session with KAZKA band.

Of course, the holiday will not be without surprises and gifts. On February 14, visitors to the Ocean Plaza shopping mall will have the opportunity to not only buy but also to win wonderful presents for your loved ones!

Welcome to the most romantic holiday of love at the Ocean Plaza mall on February 14!