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New spring menu in Oysters Cava Bar! 

4/07/2017 — 2/12/2018

Great news for all lovers of unusual coloured sparkling wine — new batch has already arrived from Spain and is waiting for the guests in Oysters Cava Bar! Light-blue Blue Moscato with a special flavour can be ordered in a bar (glass or bottle) or asked for take away for the steady price 38 uhr/glass, 198 uhr/bottle.

Sparkling wine in Oysters Cava Bar is accompanied by new spring menu positions: classic salads “Caesar” and arugula with shrimps, Italian bruschettas with mussels (38 uhr) and sea eel (48 uhr) and sangria made from real Spanish cava (98 uhr). If you're driving, Oysters Cava Bar suggests you refreshing homemade lemonades — classical, ginger, sea-buckthorn or unusual lavender (48 uhr).

Oysters Cava Bar is waiting for all the guests on the 1-st floor of Ocean’s Plaza!


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