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New Gourmet House in the OceanPlaza Shopping Mall for connoisseurs of quality taste

7/11/2017 — 2/12/2018

Food has always been and will remain essential goods. Therefore, new concepts of food stores are always in demand among visitors of shopping centers. At the same time, the quality of the goods and the level of service are of great importance for buyers. Therefore, the new store Gourmet House in Ocean Plaza without  a doubt, will become a favorite place for shopping for all Kiev citizens and guests of the capital. Elena Terletskaya, General Director of the managing company Retail Project LLC, described the peculiarities of the new brand of the grocery retail of the capital.

In July, the first Gourmet House store will be opened in the most successful shopping and entertainment center of Ukraine. Why it was decided to open its first store in the Ocean Plaza Shopping Mall?

Visitors of the Ocean Plaza shopping mall will witness the appearance on the market of a new brand of grocery stores for gourmets and all connoisseurs of products of excellent quality. The store will be managed by the newly created company "Retail Project", the founders of which have tremendous experience in creating projects in the retail sector.

The location of the first Gourmet House is not chosen by chance. It's not a secret that this shopping center is the unconditional market leader  between Ukrainian shopping centers, has an excellent location and a target audience that is 100% consistent with the needs of our project. That is why in 2016 it was decided to launch the project Gourmet House in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall. And as soon as we learned that in this facility there was an opportunity to view the trading area of ​​1200 sq.m, we immediately protected the concept of the new store , convincing everyone of its success.

Tell about the main features of the concept of the new store: assortment, price policy, etc.

A distinctive feature of the project is the fact that on one site or territory the best producers and importers of quality food products are gathered in our country. Also, the growing interest of consumers is in natural products. If we talk about the design of the store, everything is quite simple. Our visitors will be able to appreciate the open territory, a lot of light and easy casual atmosphere in natural colors. That is, when developing the concept, we did not chase after the interior solutions, because we understand that the main thing for the customers is the price, range and quality of the products.

At the same time, we paid enough attention to zoning. For example, the store will be a seafood area of ​​320 square meters, where you can find oysters and many kinds of fresh caviar on ice. Next to this zone is a place where buyers will choose from a huge assortment of vine the best ones for a delicious feast.

What categories of goods will be represented, and who are the main suppliers of the products?

In short, the entire range of alcoholic beverages, seafood, meat products of domestic and foreign producers in any form and for every taste, natural dairy products (we reveal the secret- only about 1000 kinds of cheese), all kinds of sweets, confectionery products, fruits, berries, vegetables, juices. In addition, in Gourmet House you can eat and take away ready and high-quality fish or meat from the grill.

Do you plan to open more stores under the Gourmet House brand?

Yes, of course, we plan to open Gourmet House stores both in Kiev and in other big cities of Ukraine. I can say for sure that our project has advantages and a very great prospect. Therefore, we have many plans for the near future and a huge number of interesting and creative ideas that we will surely implement.


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