Neat pop-art: LACOSTE presents leather accessories collection S/S 2016

8/09/2016 — 2/12/2018

The legacy of Andy Warhol and pop-art era flurries the imagination of Felipe Oliveira Baptista: this time creative director of LACOSTE introduces bright colour scheme into the new leather accessories collection. Polished lines with bold shades make bags, purses and belts a perfect addition to any look.

Devil is known to hide in the details and in new LACOSTE leather accessories it looks very Warholian. Starting with bright-red bucket and finishing with sky-blue tote – S/S 2016 bags inspire with their diverse colour scheme, refined design and stylish look. Male and female models are similar in terms of exclusive tailoring quality and elegance, and they are complemented by leather belts and purses.

001_LACOSTE_Maroquinerie_Printemps_Ete_2016_DR, Men.jpg   007_LACOSTE_Maroquinerie_Printemps_Ete_2016_DR.jpg

The line of LACOSTE female bags is a real splash of bright colours. Yellow, blue, red, violet, pink – the creative team has done a good job by developing models for any taste and outfit. Business ladies and those who prefer elegant style would love neat and spacious totes in which one can carry a small laptop. Tablet can be carried in pochettes, which are also good for documents and as travel cases. 

006_LACOSTE_Maroquinerie_Printemps_Ete_2016_DR.jpg  007_LACOSTE_Maroquinerie_Printemps_Ete_2016_DR.jpg

Bold accent in casual looks would be created with bright-red messenger – it is comfortable to take with for a walk, a date or work. Meanwhile more official and evening outfits would be perfectly complemented by exquisite dark blue clutch with thin strap. 


New LACOSTE purses in coral and light blue shades can become a respectable and stylish place to carry cash and credit cards, and neat belts would make a perfect final touch for every outfit.  

083_LACOSTE_NF1571NY.jpg 106_LACOSTE_NF1558CX.jpg

Male collection of LACOSTE leather accessories is more down-to-earth and sporty – it is defined by soft forms, natural shades of khaki, navy and brown. All those who appreciate the elegant style of French brand would add comfortable cases and bags, suitable for carrying a phone, a purse and keys, to their wardrobe. Laptop bag this time is presented in beautiful shade of caramel brown – everything what it takes for summer business trips and vacation. And of course no holiday would be good enough without light-coloured totes and backpacks, which are very convenient to take to beach. In daily routine one’s best companions would be LACOSTE’s new backpacks – dark violet model with “folding” design and more classy backpack in light blue colour. 



French company LACOSTE was founded in 1933 by a successful tennis player Rene Lacoste, who received his nickname “alligator” with the help of American press. At first this brand was represented only by white sporty polo shirts with embroidered image of crocodile, which became the logo of the company. Now brand’s assortment includes clothing, shoes and accessories. LACOSTE is more than stylish branded clothing, it is the way of expressing exquisite taste and your own uniqueness, the ability to stay yourself and demonstrate elegance without limiting oneself in terms of comfort.