Meet Claudie Pierlot in Ocean Plaza

2/19/2019 — 3/05/2019
Meet Claudie Pierlot in Ocean Plaza

The demand for fashion branded garments in Ukraine increases, and the fashion industry develops rapidly. Therefore, Ocean Plaza expands the range of fashion offer with the famous French brand, Claudie Pierlot. It will be located on the first floor of the mall covering an area of 127 m2. The lease agreement was signed with the assistance of UTG.

The main sources of inspiration, for a new store’s design in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall, were the elegant apartments of the Osman Boulevard, Paris. They reflect all individual traits of the brand: simplicity, warmth and hospitality. The Claudie Pierlot brand itself belongs to the SMCP group, which also includes the Sandro and Maje trademarks. The brand is named after Claudie Pierlot, who founded it in 1984 under the slogan «For the Women of Paris». At that, she managed to create the perfect wardrobe: elegant and simple. A key factor in brand’s success was a combination of high quality, Paris-based developments recognized throughout the world and an affordable price, despite the fact that the materials, cutting and finishing were selected according to the production technologies of luxury items.

The new store will feature a line of women's clothing, shoes and accessories in the segment of affordable luxury. In the Claudie Pierlot store, Ukrainian women will be able to see the collections of a famous brand: a wide choice of models and outfits for everyday life, a cocktail or a celebration, as well as more sporty options or outfits for everyday work. The target audience of the new store is an independent exquisite woman. She likes to break the rules and is in search for a common style of a casual life that will highlight her personality. She knows the rules of luxury perfectly, plays with them and skillfully maintains the balance between different styles.