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Marks & Spencer presents the basic line of lingerie

5/18/2017 — 2/07/2018

It is hidden from the outside view, but the result of its right choice is noticeable from afar. Underwear is a reliable foundation for an unforgettable look  and a proven way to transform everyday style and mood. The basic sets of the collection of the British brand Marks & Spencer are practically not tangible, but the comfort that they give to the girl is felt throughout the day!

Marks & Spencer_Basic Lingerie_image_lowrez2.jpg

The Marks & Spencer underwear models are the result of more than 130 years of painstakingly honing the craftsmanship and improving production technologies. Adjusted structures, thoughtful seams, artfully selected materials and classic design - 4 non-replaceable collection leitmotifs embodied into the lines offering basic sets.

The iconic model of the brand is an ultra-soft bra, woven from a delicate material, which, when in contact with the body, gives tactile pleasure. Molded cups or push-up, a classic style or minimizer - Marks & Spencer gives the girl a carte blanche to choose the shape of a sconce for the needs of her figure.

Feeling of comfort and a sense of self-confidence, a source of fervent mood and inspiration for charming looks - properly selected underwear make wonders! In order not to mistake, you just need to stop picking on the collections of the British brand.