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Marks & Spencer lingerie collection with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

5/05/2017 — 2/07/2018

The British brand Marks & Spencer continued the creative collaboration with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: the model for the fifth season in a row acts as a muse and heroine of the capsule underwear collection of Rosie for Autograph. ROSIE_FOR_AUTOGRAPH__SHORT2_221_-_Rosie_Silk_Balcony_Bra.jpg

At the heart of the collection Rosie for Autograph spring-summer 2017 - soft silk, sensual lace and ornate patterns. Elegant bohemian drawings, exquisite baroque ornaments and sophisticated outlines of flowers on French eddies impress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's romantic nature and the mood of the season. Saturated shades of Bordeaux, Marsala and sea blue are key colors of the collection, which are diluted with subdued tones of orchid petals, pink parfait, cream and caramel. Delicate palette - in tact of tender spring. 

ROSIE_FOR_AUTOGRAPH__SHORT8_076_-_Rosie_Lace_Insert_Chemise_(2).jpg ROSIE_FOR_AUTOGRAPH__SHORT8_093_-_Rosie_Lace_Insert_Chemise_(2).jpg

The pearls of the collection are a light kimono with a trend print and an elegant bra with lace, covering the chest and neck.
"The Rosie for Autograph capsule spring-summer 2017 is shrouded in a feminine flair: flowing patterns and outlines of colors leave soft prints on French lace. Bohemian patterns and a palette decorates all models-lower clothes, shirts and dressing gowns. Satin fabrics and trendy applications on nightgowns and tops make pieces into the elements of the main wardrobe, which ideally fit under the trousers "- this is how Susie Jenkinson, head of Lingerie, Swim & Active Design at Marks & Spencer look at the collection.
ROSIE_FOR_AUTOGRAPH__SHORT9_003_-_Rosie_Jersey_Marl_Lace_Top_and_Pant.jpg ROSIE_FOR_AUTOGRAPH__SHORT10_021_-_Rosie_Lace_Back_PJ.jpg

"This year I celebrate the 5th year of cooperation with Marks & Spencer within the framework of the capsule Rosie for Autograph and I’m so exciting to repeat the experience of the past. I wanted to feel the warmth, love and dedication with which Susie and her team are working on the project. Underwear and homewear are distinguished by exquisite floral prints, soft designs, luxurious silk and lacing on the corsets emphasize the beauty of female forms. And I'm just delighted about  home clothes with fantasy prints, "- shared Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


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