Marc Aurel presents new collection

9/05/2016 — 2/12/2018

Marc Aurel - fashion is timeless. The main trend of the new Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 expressed in  association of drastically opposite styles: the formal jacket is combined with more democratic and lax jeans.
The main tendency of the first collection is a taupe color , in different variations of it and combined with hints of peach. The freshness and brightness you can find at the unusual ornaments and prints. Warm colors of ivory and silver are bringing a touch of elegance of the collection  . Highlight is deep blue color. The Jewel  colors of deep ocean tread the line between the first and the second collection.  Next theme is saturated by contrasts of red and black, juicy grapes and frost silver.

In the coming season autumn / winter 2016/17 the leading role given to knitwear. Top quality, different structure, bouclé, melange, jacquard and openwork knit, volume and optical illusions. Knotted thread, sewing, tweed - the possibilities are endless. 

Outerwear is also rich in variety: parks with artificial fur or genuine wool coat free cut and military, elongated coats, jackets, membrane jackets, trench coats, raincoats. 
Blouses, still, leaving an integral collection, which does not manage virtually any image. Free cut blouses and jackets are often replaced with jumpers. Lightness softens the rigor of classical blouses, refreshes, and rejuvenates even. The variety of parts: hand embroidery, openwork, lace, ripples, magnet attracts attention. Trousers for every taste: democratic convenient forms, jeans in all variations, Pantaloons, tubes, shiny and worn surface, sport cuffs cotton and satin. Tapered or truncated, with a low waist or "bunt", creating a mood of anti-stress.