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Lady's Day at Ocean Plaza means festival of tenderness and love

2/15/2017 — 2/12/2018

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Spring begins in Ocean Plaza. On March 4, one of the most popular Kyiv’s mall invites the beautiful half of humanity to celebrate 8 March brightly and have fun, immersing into the ocean of gifts and attention.

On this day, charming women will enjoy an exciting concert and entertainment program.

Also on March 4, you can try your own luck in Ocean Plaza. On the main stage of the mall, certificate for a trip for two to warmer countries will be drawn. The participants of the promotion will be the customers who have made purchases for at least 1 000 UAH from February 8 to March 4 in the stores of the mall, except Auchan hypermarket, and registered at the information booth.

Gifts, fun and a good humor are always there for you in Ocean Plaza


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