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Key Current Trends in the Spring Collections at Ocean Plaza

10 березня — 09 квітня 2016

Time For Updates: Key Current Trends in the Spring Collections at Ocean Plaza

Spring is a time, when you always want to update clothes in your wardrobe. The most interesting place to do it is Ocean Plaza, the best friend for capital's fashionistas. In shopping mall you can find clothes from the latest fashion shows.

Long sleeves

The oversize became fashionable not yesterday, but really long sleeves have just entered the catwalks this spring. Designers advise not only quote the grunge aesthetics of the 90's, but to mix it with a style of previous epochs.

Wide pants or bell-bottoms

This spring skinny jeans should better stay in the wardrobe. Designers pay special attention on bell-bottoms and wide trousers, which can be combined with a round shoulders blouses. Such looks from the 80s suit well both for work and for parties.


Another trend of the season looks straight to future. The foil texture and reflective fabrics have inspired many designers. Mixed with classic or casual clothes they make perfect silhouette for this spring.

Whatever you decide to choose for you look – it would be easy to realize your ideas in Ocean Plaza!


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