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HELEN MARLEN opening took place in the Ocean Plaza Mall

6/11/2018 — 6/25/2018
HELEN MARLEN opening took place in the Ocean Plaza Mall

Today, an updated multi brand store of footwear and accessories HELEN MARLEN has opened its doors to the visitors of the Ocean Plaza mall. Area of the boutique has nearly doubled, and it is still located on the first floor of the mall. Due to a significant expansion of the store, it will present a much bigger range of brand shoes from the world's leading brands.

In the updated boutique, presented separate conceptual zones of fashionable classic, casual and sports shoes for men and women. You can buy a pair of brands such as Fabio Rusconi, Stokton, Eddy Daniele, Lerre, Drime London, Lancaster, Vetiver, as well as own trademark of HELEN MARLEN. According to the executive director of the Helen Marlen Group, Alexei Meleschuk, the new interior of the store was developed by the company’ permanent partner, the Italian architect, Paolo Giachi.


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