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Getting ready for holidays with Ocean Plaza

12/26/2016 — 2/12/2018

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In a few days the New Year comes! The year of 2016 ended. For me it was just superb, crazy, life-changing and full of events. I am extremely grateful to it for everything! But let’s move from philosophy to reality. Preparing for the New Year for many of my friends and me began to resemble the deadline. This is not surprising. It is necessary to choose where and with whom and how to celebrate holidays, and most importantly – you need to find the gifts for all. Where to go and what to do? I decided to prepare a post, in which there are a couple of examples of what you can give to loved ones, and most importantly, where it all can be found. After all, you will agree, it is more convenient when all kinds of gifts are localized in one area. Tadah! I advise favorite Ocean Plaza. Sometimes it seems to me that I live there. Even though I live so close to this mall, but it is really convenient place for shopping and for business meetings.

Well, let’s start.
I decided to start with the festive decorations and gifts for the home. Where? It's simple – in Butlers. From tea spoons to the sofa and bathroom accessories, everything is here. If you want to give away the dishes or household stuff, I advise you to look into this store. tina sizonova (17).jpg tina sizonova (18).jpg

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Jewelry always considered a perfect gift. This is a classic and a win-win option. But if you pretend to be original, I advise you to look into FREYWILLE. Here you will find jewelry with transferred onto them creations by Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet. Boutique can offer you not only jewelry, here you will find silk scarves and exclusive fragrances. Bright, bold or soft and delicate, emphasizing the originality and unique style – all from the famous Austrian jeweler house.tina sizonova (39).jpg

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Do not forget about beloved yourself. Indeed, not only loved ones should be spoiled, you also need to buy a couple of things for yourself. Especially now, when there are discounts in Ocean Plaza. I advise you to visit Marc Cain. There you can find a large number of items of clothes in my favorite nude color, and I do love them. They look noble, elegant and appropriate for many events. Just pay attention to the dresses. You can’t get enough of dresses, and there are so many celebrations ahead. We should be fully prepared and dressed up to welcome the New Year.
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You can’t get enough of shoes! This is the motto of every girl. We all love the most diverse footwear (sometimes even too much). If it is a flat sole, I choose a little extravagant models, but and if it is heel, I prefer classical models. In multibrand Bolero store there is a huge selection of shoes. I already wrote about this store separately previously. Bolero offers such brands as AGL, ASH, Kurt Geiger, D.A.T.E, Chiara Ferragni, Coliac, Golden Goose, and now you can find even brand of Jenner sisters Kendall+Kylie. Just hurry up if you want to catch your size. These shoes are sold in a flash.

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A gift for a loved man, dad, brother or friend can be purchased in Pierre Cardin store. You can easily find here shirts, pants, outerwear, briefcases, belts, gloves, scarves, ties, and many other attributes of the male wardrobe. May be such a gift seems trivial, but the practicality still did not harm anybody.
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Did not find perfect dress for the New Year still? Then you need to visit Isabel Garcia boutique. There you will certainly find a dress that will suit you perfectly and make you the queen of the evening. If you prefer elegant suits and sets, this is not a problem. A wide range of bright colors, natural materials and original cut. 
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Last on the list, but not least by the meaning – the undergarments. Take a look at Hunkemöller. In addition to classic sets and combinations, there are many lovely sets and accessories. I chose pajama as a gift for a friend, a funny fluffy socks and funny bandage to sleep for sister and beautiful bathrobe for mom. 
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