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English brand ALLSaints in the shopping center Ocean Plaza - for true dandies and fashionistas

2/01/2018 — 2/28/2018

      In March 2018, all visitors of the favorite shopping center Ocean Plaza expects a pleasant surprise - the opening of the first in Ukraine monobrand store of the world-famous English brand AllSaints. A new spacious boutique will open its doors to true connoisseurs of fashion on the first floor of the shopping center Ocean Plaza.

            If you are considering yourself to be true mods and you still are not familiar with the British brand of clothing AllSaints, this serious gap should immediately be filled. This clothing is worn by Shakira, Halle Berry, Milla Jovovich, Sandra Bullock, Beckham couple, Robbie Williams, U2, Stereophonics and many other world-class celebrities. What is so attractive in this brand for the stars of the western show business and millions of ordinary buyers from Europe and the USA? AllSaints enables its own style to simultaneously identify belonging to the inhabitants of the metropolis, but at the same time emphasize the bright individuality. In other words, AllSaints - stylish clothes "for people respectable, but with a light craziness". Approximately so in general terms it is possible to characterize this worthy British brand.

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            AllSaints is a global, modern digital brand, founded in 1994 in London. A brand is named after the town of AllSaints - one of the most beautiful suburbs of London, full of castles and cathedrals in the Victorian style. Therefore, the brand itself firmly rests on the foundation of truly English "fashion rules" - rigor and extreme laconism. However, the usual English stiffness in the collections of AllSaints improbably transformed into the style of these London dandies and ladies. This brand creates collections of women's, men's clothing, footwear and accessories. AllSaints collections are represented throughout Europe, in North and Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, in more than 240 stores operating directly, as well as through franchise partners, multi-brand stores and outlet shops. And now visitors of the shopping center Ocean Plaza can see the men's and women's clothes from AllSaints. "In the brand biker jackets, knitwear, premium base models, as well as in the collection of ready-to-wear - everywhere one feels a commitment to quality, youth and the English attitude", - comment the features of the new brand in the company "TRANS UKRAINE INTERSPORT" - exclusive representative brand in Ukraine. The design of the new boutique will be made in a modern industrial style using vintage elements, wood, heavy metal, concrete panels and open ceilings.


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