Day of women’s dreams in Ocean Plaza

18 лютого — 8 березня 2016
Day of women’s dreams in Ocean Plaza

Gifts and attention – that is how women imagine perfect March 8th. Ocean Plaza knows this. Thus, on March 5, starting on 02:00 pm capital mall will fulfill all desires of the beautiful half of humanity and will give women an unforgettable holiday.

At the entrance to the mall, like in a fairy tale, a handsome prince on a white horse will meet spring beauties. In addition, inside, ocean of positivity and joy, generously filled with compliments, gifts and countless surprises awaits them.

Thematic photo zones will give a lot of great memorable photos and enjoyable moments. You can write down your dreams on clouds of wishes, greet mother with holiday by sending her newly made photo near the banner “I love my mother”.

Actors-animators in women’s favorite images of brave pilots and sailors will entertain visitors of the mall. They will bring them their sincere compliments, wishes and even pleasant life predictions.

A great gift for every woman will be a cute friendly cartoon, painted by the artists who will work in the mall.

On March 5, every girl can literally catch her dream in a special booth “with the wind”.  The fastest ones will get gift certificates, tasty treats, discounts and many more.

 And one of the culmination of the day will be collective making a wish. At predetermined time, emcee will ask everyone to gather around the stage to simultaneously make their fondest wishes accompanied with a symbolic video of a falling star.

Welcome and make you dreams come true in Ocean Plaza on March 5th.