A new restaurant will open at the Ocean Plaza mall

10/23/2018 — 11/06/2018

In November 2018, a large chain of family cafes and restaurants «MOMO» Naturally & fast will open their subsidiary at the most popular mall, Ocean Plaza. The new restaurant will open on the food court of the shopping center, representing the «Grab&Go» service, which is gaining popularity in Ukraine, as a combination of high-quality, fresh and healthy products, and fast service.

“The new concept of the restaurant is a natural development of public catering, represented with such analogues around the world as Pret a Manger, Leon, ITSU. The rhythm of life in megapolis dictates its own rules, leaving not much time to eat, and «MOMO» allows everyone to choose and buy extraordinary, tasty, and most importantly healthy food, in a matter of minutes” says marketing specialist of the restaurant, Bogdan Krivosheya. Moreover, according to him, the pleasant interior disposes to a meal, and convenient packaging of dishes allows you take lunch and enjoy it anywhere (in the park, at work, at home). The developer of «MOMO» design is the Space Fair company, which successfully implemented urban and natural materials, in a sustained minimalism style. The target audience of «MOMO» are advanced people of the big city, who do not have time to wait until the food is ready, however, they want a tasty and healthy snack. Therefore, the main direction of the restaurant is a fast and healthy food with menu developed for both vegetarians and meat eaters. The restaurant has two showcases, cold and warm, so that salads, rolls and sandwiches will be always fresh, and the main dishes, soups and wraps will remain hot. Products stay fresh due to the specific technology of cooking, when the whole menu is made on the same day (in the morning and during the day until 19:00).

“Ocean Plaza mall boasts high traffic and good footfall stability. This is extremely important for the operating model of our business. Moreover, the unique tenant-mix attracts our target customer”, Bogdan Krivosheya explains the choice of location.