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Set is cheaper in Antonio Biaggi

5/14/2018 — 5/28/2018

Set is cheaper in Antonio Biaggi.

Favorite brand, nice prices, lots of beautiful ideas for your wardrobe.

Since May 8, Antonio Biaggi stores have a special offer for set: when you purchase the Spring-Summer'18 collection of shoes, you get a 20% discount on a bag, a purse or belt of Spring-Summer'18 collection.


• The offer applies only to bags, wallets and belts of the collections Spring-Summer'17 and Spring-Summer'18;

• The offer is valid only if you purchase the Spring-Summer'18 collection of shoes;

• Other accessories, footwear care products, gift certificates do not participate in the promotion;

• Bonus accrual and payment are valid according to the rules of the loyalty program;

To find out about the availability of goods in your city, you can call 0 (800) 301-041*

*Free call on the territory of Ukraine


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