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YAMAHA — is a wide range of musical instruments and accessories to suit every taste! Guitars, keyboards, percussion, wind, stringed instruments and more. Each buyer will find for himself not only a instrument, but also its accessories, racks, covers, cases, care products, etc. We also offer a range of professional audio equipment, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, microphones, devices for signal processing. It is impossible to imagine modern music business without high-quality light. We can offer you: scanners, equipment, tank light, lasers, light devices on the LCD element (LED), DMX controllers, smoke machines and supplies. Purchasing products in YAMAHAstore, you get a product from «first-hand» — from the manufacturer or the distributor, which guarantees regularity of goods, product quality and service (warranty and post warranty) support in our service center. From 2010, specialized Guitar Service Center JAM is working, it engages only with guitars and perform upgrades, maintenance and repair of any complexity, including Paintwork work. This is the first in Ukraine service center of its kind. In our shop you have an opportunity not only to see, but to hear and experience the product, which in the field of musical equipment is very important. In such a variety of goods, inexperienced buyer is likely to get confused. To avoid this, our professional sales consultants are always ready to help you. They quickly find exactly that product that you need! A wide and varied range of products in stores YAMAHA achieves the main goal — to satisfy the interests of all users, from beginners and hobbyists to professional musicians.